Volkspeed is a partnership with experience of over 30 years working on,
repairing and modifying VW vehicles using only the best quality parts, materials
and original equipment - clutch assemblies; brake parts; exhaust systems
and body panels.

This commitment to using the best possible parts enable us to carry out our
work more efficiently and with confidence that the work is up to Volkswagen's
vigorous standards - at the same time being achieved at a cost effective
and highly competitive rate.

Volkspeed also gives you the choice to modify or personalise your vehicle
using the various upgrade parts which we can supply, from suspension,
air filters and exhaust systems to body kits & upgrades, spoilers and wheel
and tyre combinations, making your car truly individual.

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda
Long life service to dealer standards
Full brake bleeding system
Original equipment oil filters
Original equipment exhausts
Batteries - Bosch, Quantum and Varta
Tyres supplied and fitted
Panels/Trim/Body repairs

Dealer Style Diagnostics
with the latest 'Autologic' system
Engine, braking, key coding
Timing belts fitted
Braking system faults repaired
Suspension - standard original
equipment or sports road conversions
MOT work carried out